Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fantastic Robot Art

It's very easy to create disposable Robot art. You know - the badges, soaps and other plastic goodies. But there are very few people who create high end robot art. With Oils, Canvas and a huge amount of time. Eric Joyner is one of the few artists out there producing such valuable works. Check out an interview with him and a selection of his other pieces of Robotic Art on Fecal Face.

Thanks to AG_Reeves for the tip off.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Giant Robot Beetle

Tom is back again with another great Robotic YouTube Video. This time it's a Giant Beetle Robot. Well... Big In Japan I guess.....

Lime Robot Love Soap

When my sister went to Mexico last year, she brought me back some great Robot Window gels for the bathroom. I now have found the next best bathroom accessory. This Lime Robot Love Soap is "made with moisturizing glycerin and creamy shea butter. They are made with 3 layers of soaps and have the uplifting scent of lime added!"

The designer is Love Lee Soaps and you can see some of their other fantastic designs on their FlickR page.

Does it surprise you that this link was from Etsy and was sent to me from my husband. In recent years most of my birthday and Christmas presents have come from Etsy (all Robots of course)... and my birthday IS coming up soon...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There's a Robot in my Eye!

Knowing how much I love Robots - an old friend emailed me this snippet of a T-Shirt that made it into his email inbox.

Wanting to find out more - I soon discovered where and how we can buy this amazing fashion item.

The guys at TeeHunter have done a great little write up:

Augh! I got ROBOT in my eye! goes the old saying…and now it is forever immortalised on this great tshirt from BOHDA TE. Tee Hunter is a sucker from Robots and while this colour sucks a little, it is in keeping with the rusty, metal theme. Huray!

And for those wanting to purchase - here you go.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Robotic Ants

Have I told you about my friend Tom?

He writes a really wonderful blog and also shares my passion for Robots. Unlike me, Tom has a very creative and practical mind and can actually create wonderful Robots and other artistic creations.

Now Tom lives in Germany and instead of Postcards - he sends me random Robotic bits and pieces.

The latest message from Tom was in the form of a Robotic Ant.... check the YouTube video. It's great.

A-Pod is an ant inspired hexapod robot with a 2 DOF abdomen (tail), a 3 DOF head with large mandibles. 6 legs with 3 DOF each. Total 25 servos. This video demonstrates body movement and mandible control....

The track is also way cool: Sound track: Artist: Trifonic with Lies (Instrumental).

The Most Adorable Robot... Ever

You know that it's a big Robot News Story when three friends send you the same story in one day. And with the words Adorable and Robot used in the headline - you know it's a winner.

The Gizmodo guys summed up the cuteness pretty well:

The tweenbot, a cardboard-bodied, cheerful little bugger, is equipped with a flag stating its intended destination. Since it can only move forward, it depends on the kindness of strangers to guide it and remove obstacles.

There's also a bunch of other news stories about this little fellow too.

Thanks to @wiredlogophile, @jimmyville and @jyesmith for the Tweet-date.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Robot Republic

I was playing around with the super speed of TwitZap when I came across this wonderful short Robot Animation film on The ABC - by Adam Dunca.

Take 3 mins and check it out....

Left to fend for themselves, five giant robots that have long outlived their evil scientist creators wander the world in a search for meaning. In this instalment they grapple with quantum physics...with predictable results.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Introducing The Slobots

I received an email last week from Mike Slobot. He's the creator of Slobots - created out of "found objects, plastics, thrift store finds, toys and other stuff".

You should check out is website www.slobots.com

My favourite to date is SLO-HERREN (Pictured) who Mike classifies as One-of-a-Kind' Robot.

And here's a blurb from his website too:

Not very far into the future, robots existed in many facets of everyday life... As the demand for new technology raced on, many of the earliest robots found themselves without homes or jobs or families.
They began to search for new meaning in their lives, in many parts of the galaxy, and even into the farthest reaches of the universe... Welcome to the world of "The Slobots™!!"