Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Robot Galaxy - Build Your Own Robot

Brothers who have endured endless hours waiting while their sisters shop happily at the American Girl Store will soon have their revenge: with the launch of ROBOTGALAXY's personalized robots, boys will also get to engage in the interactive shopping experience.

Not only are the robots customized to each boy's specifications, but each one also has a life online, offering boys a virtual world experience similar to those so popular with tween girls, such as Webkinz and Club Penguin. While at the store, boys select from eight different robot characters from the ROBOTGALAXY comic book series, subsequently building and "programming" their choice as they wish. They then move on to a computer center, known as the Lab, where the robots are connected to the online world via USB cable; users then create an avatar for and register each in the ONLINE GALAXY virtual world. Once home, robot owners can play games within the world and the higher the scores, the more light patterns, sound effects, and phrases their physical robot will download.

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