Monday, October 5, 2009


Thanks to TrendCentral for this tip off..... RobotVision!

Already, you thought the iPhone was a modern day wonder, but this application takes its powers a step beyond into Jetsons territory. This augmented reality app uses Bing Local Search, along with the accelerometer and compass technologies of the iPhone 3GS, to superimpose points of interest within a user's area onto their phone's video screen. Also, it can display geotagged Flickr photos in the vicinity. Taken to its Twitterverse extreme, Robotvision could transform the microblogging service into a matchmaking one, allowing users to find and engage nearby tweeters. Imagine getting your dumpling fix in Chinatown and suddenly being alerted to the fact that your crush is blocks away cruising the latest exhibit at the New Museum. Stalking suddenly takes on a whole new, and not so creepy, face.

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